4th International Linux Audio Conference
27-30 April 2006 @ ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany
LAC 2006 Calls

Call for Papers

We invite submissions of papers addressing all areas of audio processing based on Linux and open source software. Papers can focus on technical, artistic or scientific issues and can target developers or users. This includes (but is not limited to) the following categories:
  • Computer Music
  • Music Production
  • Instruments
  • Drivers and Sound Architecture
  • Audio Distributions
  • Generic (Usage, Documentation etc.)
The conference is held in English.

Length of a paper is 4-8 pages. Papers have to include an abstract (50-100 words). The abstract will be published separately on the conference website once the paper has been accepted. Also, papers should include up to 5 keywords.

In general talks should take 20-30 minutes followed by 5 minutes discussion.

Please notify us if you need a special technical setup. The technical standard setup will be:
  • microphone (head set)
  • projector with XVGA input (resolution 1024x768)
  • stereo speaker setup with mini jack input
If you are not able to bring your laptop along with you, please notify us in advance.

How to submit
  • File format is PDF, formatted for A4 paper. Make use of the templates for paper formatting available at: downloads.
  • See our check list to ensure that you do not forget to enclose all necessary information.
  • Send your paper and all necessary information by 8 Jan 2006 via email to this address: lac2006 at zkm dot de
  • You will be notified by 19 Feb 2006 whether your paper has been accepted. The reviewers may ask you to modify your paper in order to be accepted. The deadline for the final version is March 12, 2006.
Important Dates

08 Jan 2006: Paper submission deadline
19 Feb 2006: Notification of acceptance
12 Mar 2006: Final version deadline

27 - 30 Apr 2006: Conference


Call for Demos

This is the only new category of LAC2006. You do not need to write a whole paper, but rather a short abstract only (50-100 words). This category is mainly thought for software demos. Be aware though that in case of too many submissions papers take priority over demos...

See section "Call for Papers" for info on the duration of talks and the technical setup.

How to submit
  • See our check list to ensure that you do not forget to enclose all necessary information.
  • Send your abstract and all necessary information by 8 Jan 2006 via email to this address: lac2006 at zkm dot de
  • You will be notified by 19 Feb 2006 whether your submission has been accepted.

Deadline for submissions is 08 Jan 2006.


Call for Workshops

With respect to their content workshops do not differ from talks: Workshops can have technical focus as well as artistic or scientific focus. Workshops can be targeted to developers as well as users. See section "Call for Papers" for more info on this.

The shape of the workshop is completely up to you. E.g. it can be tutorial-like ("how to write an ALSA driver/ a jack application/ a LADSPA plugin/ etc.") or it can be BOFS-like (e.g. a meeting of like-minded users and/or developers to exchange experience and knowledge about a specific topic), or it can be anything in between.

Workshops can take place in seminar rooms or in a public space like the ZKM cafe. Depending on the location, attendance might be limited to ca 10 people.

There is no deadline for submitting workshops. However, we strongly encourage you to submit early. It will be more likely to get a free slot and it will be easier for attendants to know about the workshop if it is published on the conference website. If you expect the attendants to prepare their laptops for your workshop (e.g. by installing some software) or if there are other requirements, please note so in your abstract.

How to submit
  • See our check list to ensure that you do not forget to enclose all necessary information.
  • Send an abstract (ca. 50-100 words) and all necessary information via email to this address: lac2006 at zkm dot de
  • The abstract will be published on the conference website once the workshop has been accepted (not before 27 Feb 2006 though).


Call for Music

There will be some concerts during the conference. We are looking for music that has been produced completely or mostly under Linux and/or with open source software:
  • "Serious" compositions, to be played in a concert-like context
  • Electronica, Chill-Out, Ambient etc., to be played in a less formal, "party-like" context.
Additionally you are welcome to give a talk about your piece. We encourage you especially to show how you made the piece using open source software. Please send a short abstract (ca. 50-100 words) if you want to give a talk.

If you want to participate, send your composition(s) to this address:

LAC2006 - Call for Music
ZKM | Institut fuer Musik und Akustik
Lorenzstr. 19
D-76135 Karlsruhe

Make use of one of the following media formats:
  • Media: Audio-CD, DVD or CD-ROM
  • File formats: aiff or wav
  • Channels: mono, stereo or multi-channel
  • Samplerate: 44.1, 48 or 96 kHz
  • Resolution: 16 or 24 bit
Include the following items with your submission (in English):
  • Requirements (speaker setup, instruments etc.)
  • A filled-out and signed printout of the form available here: downloads
For the printed programme and to be published online and on the conference CD, in continuous text (no table or list please):
  • A short commentary on the composition(s) (each ca. 150 words)
  • A short Curriculum Vitae (ca. 100 words)
Deadline for submissions is 08 Jan 2006.

A jury will select the compositions that will be performed/played. Furthermore, the jury will give out three prices to participants to contribute to their travel expenses.

Besides artistic criteria and technical reasons, these criteria apply for the selection:
  • Tape pieces or pieces which are performed by the composer herself will generally have more chances to get included.
  • If we get more pieces than we can include in the programme, composers who are attending the conference are preferred.
Terms and conditions for participation can be found in the form mentioned above. This form includes among other things:
  • I will receive no fees whether my composition is played or not.
  • GEMA fees (in case of performance) will be paid by ZKM.
  • The material I send to ZKM will not be returned.
Additionally to this Call for Music, there will be an open stage called

"Plug & Chill - The Linux Jam Night"

at Saturday night (29 Apr 2006), where attendents of the conference are invited to perform their pieces in a less "official" context. There is no deadline for this, so people can decide during the conference if they want to participate.

However if you already know that you want to participate do not hesitate to inform us. Send us an email to lac2006 at zkm dot de and include a description of your equipment and a short characterisation of your music (keywords only).

During the conference it is possible to register at the info desk. Note that there is a time limit for "Plug & Chill". If we have received too many registrations already you might not get a slot.

Contributions to "Plug & Chill" should not exceed 10 min.

There will be a room at ZKM where people can meet during the conference and rehearse for "Plug & Chill".