4th International Linux Audio Conference
27-30 April 2006 @ ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany
Live Streaming

26 May 2006

The pieces of the lac2006 Kubus concerts are going to be streamed several times via the DEGEM Webradio next week (in mp3 format).

Here is the schedule and the links (All time data is in UTC+2 = CEST, Central European Summer Time):

Mon 29 May 06:00-10:00, 18:00-22:00
Tue 30 May 04:00-08:00, 16:00-20:00
Wed 31 May 02:00-06:00, 14:00-18:00
Thu 01 June 00:00-04:00, 12:00-16:00
Fri 02 June 00:00-02:00, 10:00-14:00, 22:00-24:00
Sat 03 June 08:00-12:00, 20:00-24:00
Sun 04 June 02:00-06:00, 14:00-18:00

Main URL of DEGEM Webradio:


You will hear the following pieces:

Georg Bönn: Genua VII 2001
Eric Lyon: Trajectories
YongJoon Yang: breath
Massimo Fragalà: Movimenti
Olaf Hochherz: Nachher halt
Victor Lazzarini: Mouvements
Jan Jacob Hofmann: Horizontal and Vertical Lines
Panayiotis Kokoras: Response
Florian Zwissler: Doppelbrunn
Victor Lazzarini: Time-Lines Ia
Orm Finnendahl: Fälschung (only in the 1st broadcast slot)
Ludger Brümmer: Repetitions
Martin Kaltenbrunner, Marcos Alonso: reacTable (only in the 2nd broadcast slot)

Note: The Kubus recordings are not ready yet. Fortunately Victor Lazzarini could provide an earlier recording of his piece "Time-Lines Ia" for guitar and live electronics. As in the Kubus concert the live electronics part is played by himself, however the guitarist is not Jürgen Ruck but Brendan Walsh instead. Thanks a lot to Brendan and Victor for their permission to use the recording!
15 May 2006

LAC2006 is over. Please go to the Download Page to find links to the recorded materials.

Because of royalty issues recordings of the Kubus-Concerts cannot be provided for download.
Instead they are going to be played through the DEGEM Webradio. Once the date of the broadcast is fixed it will be published here at the lac2006 conference website.

25 April 2006

During the conference you will find live vorbis audio and theora video streams of all lectures here. If all goes well, all recorded material will be archived and provided for later download.

the stream relays for lac 2006 will be

(courtesy of eric rzewnicki at radio free asia [])

The following streams will be available:

Thursday 27th through Sunday 30th:

/track1-audio-lo.ogg 32kbits/sec
/track1-audio-hi.ogg 120kbits/sec
/track1-video.ogg 150kbits/sec

Only on Saturday 29th:

/track2-audio-lo.ogg 32kbits/sec
/track2-audio-hi.ogg 120kbits/sec
/track2-video.ogg 150kbits/sec

Remote participants are invited join our chat rooms #lac2006 on to report on and get help with any technical difficulties (or other things they might want to chat about). You can even take part in the question&answer sessions after each talk by posting your questions in #lac2006-track1 and #track2006-track2. Your questions will be relayed to the lecturers and the live audience by the chat ops on site at zkm.