4th International Linux Audio Conference
27-30 April 2006 @ ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany

The lac2006 conference programme in PDF (incl. the concert programme and all concert programme notes):
lac2006_programme.pdf (620 KB)

The lac2006 conference flyer in PDF:
lac2006_flyer.pdf (884 KB). Note that programme changes after 27 March 2006 do not appear in the flyer.

For the Internet Audience:
All time data is in UTC+2 = CEST (Central European Summer Time)

  Thursday 27 April 2006 - Lecture Hall
11:00 Victor Lazzarini
12:00 Fons Adriaensen
Acoustical Impulse Response Measurement with ALIKI
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Arthur Clay, Thomas Frey and Jürg Gutknecht
Unbounded: Aos & The GoingPublik Software
15:00 Lee Revell
Realtime Audio vs. Linux 2.6
16:00 Asbjørn Sæbø and Peter Svensson
A Low-Latency Full-Duplex Audio over IP Streamer
17:00 Marije Baalman
swonder3Dq: software for auralisation of 3D objects with Wave Field Synthesis
18:00 Break
20:00 Opening Concert - ZKM_Kubus

Georg Bönn: Genua VII 2001
Eric Lyon: Trajectories
YongJoon Yang: breath
Massimo Fragalà: Movimenti
Olaf Hochherz: Nachher halt


Victor Lazzarini: Mouvements
Jan Jacob Hofmann: Horizontal and Vertical Lines
Agostino Di Scipio: Modes of Interference

Detailed Concert Programme with Programme Notes (620 KB)

  Thursday 27 April 2006 - Workshops
14:00 Leon Shiman
Media Application Server (MAS)
  Friday 28 April 2006 - Lecture Hall
11:00 Yann Orlarey, Albert Gräf and Stefan Kersten
DSP Programming with Faust, Q and SuperCollider
12:00 Georg Bönn
Marching protest with granular synthesis: On the making of 'Genova VII 2001' ("Composer's Talk")
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Agostino Di Scipio
Using PD for Live Interactions in Sound. An Exploratory Approach ("Composer's Talk")
  Friday 28 April 2006, Workshops
15:00 Fons Adriaensen
Acoustical Impulse Response Measurement with ALIKI
18:00 Jan Jacob Hofmann
15:00 Yann Orlarey, Albert Gräf and Stefan Kersten
Functional DSP Programming with Faust, SuperCollider and Q
15:00 Torben Hohn
--:-- Unfortunately cancelled:
JP Mercury
Cauldron of Music
15:00 Reinhard Katzmann and Georg Rudolph
NoteEdit - Current state and future development
  Saturday 29 April 2006, Track I
11:00 Fons Adriaensen
Design of a Convolution Engine optimised for Reverb
12:00 Josh Green
Sampled Waveforms And Musical Instruments
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Frank Barknecht
128 Is Not Enough - Data Structures in Pure Data
15:00 Eric Lyon
A Sample Accurate Triggering System for Pd and Max/MSP
16:00 Victor Lazzarini
Scripting Csound 5
17:00 Hartmut Noack
Linux and music out of the box
  Saturday 29 April 2006, Track II
11:00 Andreas Krach and Martin Rumori
asciimatrix (Demo)
11:30 Unfortunately cancelled:
Darwin M. Johnson
Banjos Hip-Hop & Linux: A Technical and Cultural Trifecta (Demo)
12:00 Stefan Westerfeld and Tim Janik
BEAST (Demo)
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Michael Iber
sounds like sounds we like
15:00 Daniel James and Free Ekanayaka
64 Studio - creative and native
20:00 Open Source Sounds - ZKM_Kubus

Panayiotis Kokoras: Response
Florian Zwissler: Doppelbrunn
Victor Lazzarini: Time-Lines Ia
Orm Finnendahl: Fälschung


Ludger Bruemmer: Repetitions
MTG/Barcelona: reacTable

Detailed Concert Programme with Programme Notes (620 KB)

22:00 Linux Sound Night - ZKM_Musikbalkon

Frank Rübler
JackLab (Michael Bohle, Sören Heidrich, Wilken Bösch)
(unfortunately cancelled: JP Mercury)
Daniel James
Frank Barknecht

Detailed Concert Programme with Programme Notes (620 KB)

--:-- Plug&Chill - The Linux Jam Night
  Saturday 29 April 2006, Workshops
11:00 Michael Bohle
openSUSE JAD Installation and music production
16:00 Fons Adriaensen
Aeolus, two years later (Demo)
17:00 Fons Adriaensen
Kubus IR (Demo)
  Sunday 30 April 2006 - Lecture Hall
11:00 Ivica Ico Bukvic -- Who, What & Why?
12:00 Martin Rumori
footils. Using the foo Sound Synthesis System as an Audio Scripting Language
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Jürgen Reuter
Ontological Processing of Sound Resources
15:00 Presentation of Workshop results

The programme is subject to change.