3rd International Linux Audio Conference
21 - 24 April 2005 | ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany
Live Streaming

The live streams have been shut down now, therefore we removed the streaming URLs from this page.

A continuous repetition of the lac2005 Kubus concerts can be heard via the DEGEM Webradio until beginning of June 2005

Recordings of all talks can be downloaded from here: linuxdj.com

During the conference you will find live vorbis audio and theora video streams of all lectures here. If all goes well, all recorded material will be archived and provided for later download. For more info, check out the following URLs:
  • LAC Streaming Wiki with tips on how to watch theora from your machine (thanks to Frank Barknecht for setting up this wiki!)
  • (offline now) Automatic relay directory with test streams
  • (offline now) #lac2005 @ irc.freenode.net - this is where streaming-related announcements will be made and where you can chat with other remote participants. At the end of the lectures, a chat operator will gladly relay your questions to the audience at the location.
The Linux Sound Night (Saturday 23 April 2005, 21:30) will probably be streamed by the same relay servers as the lectures. Unfortunately, due to royalties issues it is not possible in the same way to stream the concerts that take place in the ZKM_Kubus (Opening Concert Concert "Space and Time". Luckily we got the kind permission of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische Musik e.V. to use their Internet Radio for audio streaming. Many thanks to DEGEM! There is one drawback though: Again due to royalites issues the DEGEM Webradio is allowed to serve only up to 25 streams.. We will try to provide a non-live repeat of the concerts as soon as possible after the conference, again through the DEGEM Webradio.

Many thanks go to Jörn Nettingsmeier for setting up the master streaming server and coordinating the relaying, and to all the people and institutions providing the relay servers!

Keep in mind that all time data in the conference programme is in UTC+2 = CEST (Central European Summer Time).

Static List of Relays (Talks & Sound Night):
Radio Free Asia (courtesy of Radio Free Asia,
maintained by Eric Dantan Rzewnicki)
Powered by i.net! (courtesy of i.net SpA,
maintained by Marco d'Itri)
Experimental Radio Bauhaus Uni Weimar (courtesy of Experimental Radio @ Bauhaus University Weimar,
maintained by Oliver Thuns)
Interessengemeinschaft Software-Engineering (courtesy of Interessengemeinschaft Software Engineering e.V.,
maintained by Christian Schoenebeck)
DEGEM Webradio (ZKM_Kubus Concerts):
Thanks to...
Xiph.Org logo ...the Xiph.Org Foundation for a great collection of free multimedia codecs and tools!
Icecast logo ...the Icecast team, the Icecast community and especially Karl Heyes for their fantastic software and support.
Check out the free Xiph codecs Vorbis for audio, Speex for low-bandwidth speech and Theora for video