3rd International Linux Audio Conference
21 - 24 April 2005 | ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany

24 April 2005 20 April 2005
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  • LAC2004 Proceedings are available for download.
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  • Agreement for submission of music is available for download.
18 Nov 2004
  • Paper templates are available for download.
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  • Talks, Poster Sessions and Review Process:
    The conference has grown to such an extent that we have to limit the number of talks. In order to guarantee a wide range of topics, talks should not exceed 20-30 minutes. Also, we offer poster sessions where we can have more presentations simultaneously.

    All papers will be reviewed by a board of experts. Based on their recommendations the organization team will decide which talks will be accepted.

  • Organized Workshops:
    We have already had workshops during the last conferences, but most of them were initiated rather spontaneously. We will still retain the possibility of spontaneous workshops, but additionally we would like to encourage people to submit carefully prepared workshops. See the "Call for Workshops" for more detailed information.

  • Open Stage "Plug & Chill":
    Additionally to the "Call for Music", there will be an "open stage" at Saturday night (23 Apr 2005), where attendents of the conference are invited to perform their pieces in a less "official" context. There is no deadline for this, so people can decide during the conference if they want to participate. There will be a room at ZKM where people can meet during the conference and rehearse for "Plug & Chill".

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