LAC2004 - 2nd International Linux Audio Conference

Conference Proceedings

The idea to publish proceedings did not come up until during the conference. Therefore the proceedings of LAC2004 comprise only a portion of the talks, and we are especially grateful for the papers that we received.

The proceedings can be downloaded here (in PDF file format):

Complete Proceedings (2 MB)

Single Papers:

Preface Staff Content

Marije Baalman:
Application of Wave Field Synthesis in electronic music and sound installations

Frank Barknecht:
RRADical Pd

Matthew Burtner and David Topper:
Recombinant Spatialization for Ecoacoustic Immersive Environments

Gerhard Eckel, Ramon Gonzalez-Arroyo, and Martin Rumori:
Once again text & parenthesis - sound synthesis with Foo

Victor Lazzarini:
Developing spectral processing applications

Matthias Nagorni:
AlsaModularSynth - An instrument for the electrified virtuoso